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Mitre is at the forefront of stadia training, providing a range of accredited and bespoke training programmes including Spectator Safety, Customer Service, Equality & Diversity, Crowd Dynamics and Emergency Planning

Mitre understands the needs and requirements for those working in stadia safety roles. As stadia have developed over the years, so have the requirements and roles of the staff who work there. Some need basic safety training whereas others require high level strategic awareness, knowledge and skills to work effectively within a multi-agency approach to ensure crowd safety.

We provide both accredited and bespoke training programmes for a range of Clubs within the Premier League through to Non-League. Our training programmes include accredited NVQs in areas such as Spectator Safety, Customer Service and Management and accredited Certificates in areas such as Stewarding, Customer Service, Equality and Diversity. We understand the regulations of the Club, SGSA and local authority and ensure we meet these requirements.

We also provide in-house bespoke programmes in areas such as Emergency Planning, Multi-Agency Working, Crowd Dynamics, Legislation and Record Keeping, as well as specialist consultancy and services such as Scenario Workshops to test application of knowledge and skills, tailored to the Stadia and facilities in which staff operate. All programmes are delivered by experts who have a wealth of experience having worked for various National Football Associations, Premier League Clubs, British Policing and the British Embassy.

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